First Aid Courses Tailored for Salons

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First aid courses are always important, especially when working in a salon. It’s important to make sure you and your team are equipped to deal with an emergency should it occur within the salon. Any kind of training is key to your salon and your team’s success. It can be bad for your business if there is ever an emergency and your team or yourself do not know what to do. This type of training is also a good way to continue their professional development.

When you invest time into your employees you gain a sense of trust and loyalty. By booking them onto training courses like First Aid, they are able to learn new skills, refresh skills they may already know, and retain any key talents. 

It is about making sure that your employees feel valued and supported. Giving them access to a wider understanding of how the business runs and how it creates success. (This is an especially good thing to do if the employee is just starting out in their career). Tackling workplace issues if an employee or yourself are struggling with any tasks. Finally, it’s about keeping yourself and your employees up to date with the latest training, skills, techniques, and developments. 

Any successful salon should hold a period of First Aid training. From anything such as CPR training to learning how to deal with cuts, burns, and scalds or learning what to do if someone has a fall. Most employees may already have basic knowledge of what to do in an emergency, but it is always a good idea to refresh their skills. 

First Aid

What sort of accidents Can occur when working in a salon?

  • Chemical Accidents: Many hair and beauty salons may offer treatments such as perms, hair straightening or other chemical hair services. The chemicals used may make the hair look great and may also do wonders for it, but sometimes accidents can happen. It is important to know what to do should any chemicals come into contact with a client’s eyes or irritate their skin. Making sure your client stays calm with minimal discomfort. Should you need any help, you may need to call for medical assistance.
  • Cuts and Nicks: If a hair stylist is working with a client and their scissors accidentally slip and catch the clients skin. This may lead to a bloody mess. If the cut is to the stylist themselves, they should leave their station as soon as possible to tend to their injuries. 
  • Burns: Burns from items such as hair straighteners or a curling iron are quite common. Treat the affected area with cold water. Leaving as much minimal damage possible. 
  • Falls: Salon floors can sometimes become wet and slippery. A wet floor can be avoided. By keeping the salon clean and mess free. However, should a fall ever occur, applying ice to the minor injury can help to ease the pain whether it is to an employee or a client. 
First Aid

Why choose Jacalyn James First Aid courses?

Here at Jacalyn James, we can provide you with everything you need to know about First Aid in the workplace. It is also great value for money and it can help your business to grow, along with the skills of your employees. 

With this course you will get: 

  • A full day course covering theoretical and practical studies
  • Salon specific training tailored to meet the needs of your salon and your team. 
  • A course suitable for beginners or for those who would just like to refresh their skills. 
  • A fully accredited course by the First Aid Industry Body – FIAB 44/03 (175)
  • A First Aid book which includes all the knowledge you need to know, that you will be able to take home with you. 
  • A 3 year qualification 
  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Triangle Training. This course is provided and delivered by Triangle Training. A highly professional and experienced team. 

When and where can I sit Our first aid courses?

We run First Aid courses throughout the year. Our next course will be taking place in Plymouth on November 28th 2021 at 70 Church Road, Plymstock Plymouth, PL9 9BD

How much does the First Aid Course cost?

The course is £95.00 per person including VAT

This course is fully accredited by the First Aid Industry Body – FAIB 44/03 (175)

Book your place today.

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