What is no needle Needle Filler?

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No Needle Filler Treatment has taken the beauty industry by storm for the past few years. If you haven’t seen or heard about it yet then where have you been? So what is this Lip & facial filler treatment all about? What are the misconceptions regarding the no needle treatment since its arrival?

Discover how can you deliver this treatment safely and with great results to your clients with out no needle courses. Abigail Jacalyn James explains all you need to know about No Needle treatments:

What is the No Needle Filler Treatment?

Airflow filler is a new technology in the cosmetics industry, and is suitable to achieve instant results without the use of needles.

Airflow is a Pen that can use Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance in the body and major component of the skin. It is also involved in tissue repair. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind and retain water molecules that keep the skin hydrated. It is used for dermal filling, and lip volume augmentation.

Airflow is particularly suitable for building up volume in the Lip, Nasolabial folds, helps to get rid of fine lines. It is suitable to to perform: Mesotherapy, Vitamin Boost, and Fat dissolve without the needle.

no needle filler treatment

Advantages of the NO Needle Pen

  • Build volume of the Lip without the needles
  • Wrinkle reduction of the Nasolabial folds
  • Fine line reduction without needles
  • Mesotherapy regeneration and skin boosting without the needles
  • Anti-aging treatments without the needle
  • Fat dissolving without needles

How does no needle lip filler work?

The No Needle Airflow Pen administers dermal filler into the dermal layer of the lip by air pressure. This creates a natural plump to the lips. The results from this treatment are amazing when taught correctly. Over a period clients will see amazing result with great looking and fuller lips.

As a two step treatment, the second treatment is performed two weeks after the first. Lips are built up over time and sometimes more than 1ml is required for the clients chosen look. This is to be applied over a set period of time.

no needle bio remodelling

Understanding the misconceptions of the No Needle Filler Treatment

There have been many misconceptions with this treatment since it arrived in 2019. Some of these misconceptions have led to some consumers feeling like they have been mis-sold a training course

So let’s lay out some of the reasons why people feel this way...

No Needle Filler is pain free

This is incorrect and varies from person to person. During administering of the treatment the feeling can differ from client to client. In most cases the no needle treatments can feel like a light elastic band ‘twang’ to the skin.

Lip Filler Treatments are 100% safe

This is incorrect as with any filler treatment risks can apply. Practitioners must be taught about the potential issues that can arise from this treatment and how to manage them correctly. Many companies are not teaching enough in-depth knowledge about the anatomy of the human face and skin. This can actually lead to further issues. Leaving students uneducated is dangerous so we cover all the bases to make sure you feel confident in the delivery of this treatment. Our student support is ongoing.

There is no bruising from the filler treatment

Again this is also incorrect. Bruising can occur from the no needle filler procedure as the force of the airflow pen pushes the filler into the dermis. Different skin types can increase or decrease the chances of bruising, it depends on how sensitive a clients lips are. During your training you will be taught the best methods for ease of application. This will helps limit the chances of bruising.

You can’t have a reaction to Dermal filler

Reactions can happen although these are more uncommon with the No Needle Filler Treatment. . During your training we will provide you with detailed information on how to deal with any reaction including anaphylactic shock, accessing support for Epi Pen (adrenaline pens) usage or what to look for if the issue becomes serious. This sounds overly serious in what are very uncommon issues but better to be prepared and know the facts.

You can use any type of hyaluronic acid in your lips

It is vital that you are using the correct acids for the right filler treatment. A lot of training providers are using non-cross linked hyaluronic acid (HA) in their training. These are meso products and are NOT designed or approved to be used in the lips. We won’t even use these for training purposes. We have seen some awful reactions to this. Part of your training will teach you the importance of using the correct fillers for the correct treatment type.

You can use over 0.03ml of filler per click on the face

Some training companies teach students to use between 0.03ml & 0.04ml per shot on the face. Administering any more than 0.02ml of filler in any one click, whether it’s on the face or lips, is causing unnecessary trauma, bleeding and bruising to the area. It will also hurt more for the customer.

skincare courses

Understanding the Anatomy of the face IS IMPORTANT

Anatomy of the face is an essential part of No Needle Education from Jacalyn James. This must be studied and taught thoroughly during any course. Being told by your training company to go and sit a separate Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) course is not acceptable. Make sure you are investing your money in your personal development & education so you can make a success of this.

Jacalyn James will be teach you about A&P during your course to arm you with the knowledge & confidence needed.

Our course Manuals are the most in-depth in the industry. We are the only company so far to introduce A&P level 3 & pre-study material for all our No needle courses. We also provide a range of pre study and exam materials to help aid your learning.

Making a Success of This Course

The No Needle Filler could be a great addition to your treatment menu.

It is the perfect way to offer in salon Lip Fillers, Mesotherapy, Bio Remodeling & Fat dissolve.

We offer continued student support so that all our students can be confident in delivering this treatment to new clients. We also provide insights into selling this course. You will learn the potential profits you could be making, and how to effectively market the new treatment.

Jacalyn James has a select number of educators all over the country and courses running every month. For information on our courses offered please visit our Course Calendar or view the specific No Needle courses.

no needle filler treatment

Our No Needle Educators & Locations

Abigail Jacalyn JamesOWNER & SENIOR EDUCATOR – UK WIDE Educator

Owner & senior educator for Jacalyn James with over 19 years experience in the beauty industry. Multi-award winning therapist and owner of The Boutik salon. Abigail is an expert in all no needle treatments and is happy for you to message her with any questions.


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